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In accordance with the legislation applicable to the Information Society service providers and, in particular, with section 10 of the Act 34/2002 on Services of the Information Society, TORMES DESIGN, S.A.U. provides the users of this website with the following company’s information:

1. This website has been created and is maintained at the request of ALHAMBRA, which owns this website and the domain names leading to it.

2. Registered address: TORMES DESIGN, S.A.U. CIF.: A54902820 C/ D. César Cánovas Girada, 10-LB 03181 TORREVIEJA (ALICANTE) SPAIN

3.Tax address: TORMES DESIGN, S.A.U. cuya dirección es C/ Del Marco 61,62 Pol. Ind. Las Atalayas, 03114 Alicante (Spain).

4. Registration details: Inscrita en el Registro Mercantil de Alicante, Tomo 3915, Libro 0, Folio 69, Sección 8 Hoja A148195. CIF. / VAT NBR ESA54902820

5. TORMES DESIGN, S.A.U. holds Fiscal Id. CIF. / VAT NBR ESA54902820

6. Address for notification purposes: ALHAMBRA. Pol. Industrial Las Atalayas - C/ del Marco, 61 - 03114 Alicante (Spain)

7. Users of this website may directly and efficiently communicate with ALHAMBRA by writing to the address stated in section 3 of the General Information, as well as using one of the following means: Telephone: +34 965 107 004 Fax: +34 965 105 039 Contact e-mail address:

Corporate’s web:



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Likewise, the use of certain services available to the users of this website may be subject to Particular Conditions, warnings or instructions that must also be consulted and accepted without objections by said users.


2.1. Access to this website is free and subject to no charges, except for the cost of the connection through the telecommunication network supplied by the access provider hired by the users. In the case that particular services in this website are subject to the payment of a fee, users will be duly informed in advance.

2.2. This website includes materials prepared by TORMES DESIGN, S.A.U. for information and commercial purposes. Users shall bear in mind that those materials may not reflect the actual and updated status thereof. Likewise, said materials may be deleted, amended or developed without previous notice.

2.3. Access to this website does not imply any contractual relationship between the users and ALHAMBRA.

2.4. The contents of this website may redirect the user to different web pages managed by third parties, which are beyond the control of TORMES DESIGN, S.A.U. and, consequently, it accepts no liability for the contents of said web pages.

2.5. Visitors and users gain access to this website at their own risk. Users also accept the liability for the correct and proper use of the services and contents in this website in accordance with the applicable Terms and Conditions, law, morals and generally accepted practice in this field as well as the public order.

2.6. Contents and services included in this website are for personal use only and, therefore, users shall refrain themselves from carrying out actions implying, directly or indirectly, a commercial exploitation of said contents unless they are previously and expressly authorized by ALHAMBRA.

2.7. In any case, users shall use the contents and services made available by ALHAMBRA, in keeping with the applicable legislation, and shall accept the liabilities arising from the activities or conducts that may be unlawful or harmful to the rights of third parties or that could damage or restrict the use of this website by ALHAMBRA, or by different users.


3.1. Industrial Property Distinctive signs (including word and/or device signs) appearing in this Website are exclusively owned by ALHAMBRA. Consequently, their use in the course of trade by third parties is not allowed unless they are granted the relevant authorization.

3.2. Domain names ALHAMBRA is the only legitimate proprietor of the Internet domain, and, therefore, of the web pages hosted therein. ALHAMBRA. has fulfilled the relevant registry requirements. Undue use of said domain name in the course of trade may imply an infringement of the rights granted by said registry, and will be prosecuted by Law.

3.3. Intellectual property

3.3.1. Contents, texts, pictures, designs, logotypes, images, sounds, videos, animations, records, computer applications, source codes and, in general, all the intellectual creations included in this website, and the website as a whole, that is, as a multimedia art work, are protected by copyright in accordance with the provisions of the applicable legislation governing intellectual property.

3.3.2. Generally reproduction, storage (except the necessary storage for the load of this website in the navigator or the temporary storage), transformation, distribution, public communication, making these contents available to the public and, in general, any other way of exploiting totally or partially the exclusive rights of ALHAMBRA is forbidden, unless users are expressly and previously authorized.

3.3.3. Processes affecting or using the code source of the website are also forbidden, including those intending to exploit, modify or include the evasion, modification or deletion of the implemented security systems.

3.4. Personal use Users are expressly authorized by ALHAMBRA to view, print, copy or store in the hard disk or in another physical support, protected intellectual creations and the rest of active contents protected or not by an exclusive right provided that they are used for personal and private purposes, with no commercial or distribution purposes; users are not allowed to modify, amend or decompile said contents. This power for personal use is granted provided that the warnings concerning the copyright and industrial property rights are kept. This power does not imply any licence to the user.


4.1. Links to web pages provided by third parties

4.1.1 In the website of ALHAMBRA, the user will find several links to web pages not depending on ALHAMBRA’s site. The only aim of these links is making easier the access to other sources of information on the Internet related with the services offered by ALHAMBRA as well as to general services. The inclusion of said links in this website is based on the respect towards the intellectual and industrial property rights held by the authors and proprietors.

4.1.2 ALHAMBRA accepts no liability for the contents that can be accessed by virtue of said links, for the modifications carried out in said links, for the use made of said links or for their technical availability. Nevertheless, ALHAMBRA, undertakes to endeavour to avoid the inclusion in their website of links to sites with unlawful contents encouraging unlawful, racist, xenophobic activities and, in general, contents breaching the principles of freedom and human dignity or infringing the values and rights acknowledged y the Spanish Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In the case ALHAMBRA is aware that the information it links to is unlawful, it undertakes to act with due diligence to delete or eliminate or invalidate said link.

4.2. Conditions of linking to this website

4.2.1. Users of the Internet whishing to include links from their own web page in ALHAMBRA’s website shall obtain an express authorization for these purposes and comply with the conditions detailed below; ignorance of these terms and conditions does not constitute an excuse to prevent the liabilities arising from the law.

4.2.2. These links shall only link to the home page of this website. Those wishing to include such a link must not store all or part of the contents of this website without the permission of ALHAMBRA. Activities known as deep linking (linking to specific pages of a website other than the home page), frame linking (showing a web page inside the internal frame of another webpage) and, in general, all those activities that:
1.- mislead or may mislead the users regarding the actual origin of the service or contents.
2.- imply activities of unfair competition or comparison.
3.- are used to take profit of the reputation of the trademark and prestige of ALHAMBRA, its partners, administrators of employees.
4.- imply an activity not allowed by the applicable legislation.
4.2.3. From the page including the link, no false, inaccurate or incorrect data shall be offered about the company, the partners, the employees, the clients or the quality of the services rendered by ALHAMBRA.
4.2.4. The web page including said link shall not state that this company has granted authorization to insert the link or that it sponsors, collaborates, verifies or checks the services offered by the owners of the web page.
4.2.5. The web page establishing the link must comply in all respects with the law, and it must not link to contents of said web page or to web pages owned by third parties being:
1.- Unlawful, harmful or adversely affecting morals, and generally accepted practice (for instance, xenophobic, pornographic, violent contents, etc.);
2.- misleading concerning the attempt to persuade the user that ALHAMBRA. supports, accepts or adhere to the lawful or unlawful ideas, statements or expressions of the owners of the web pages;
3.- Inappropriate or not related to the activities of this company bearing in mind the place, contents and subject matter of the web pages.


5.1 Concerning the contents:

5.1.1 Information: information about ALHAMBRA and about third parties appearing in this website are provided on an “as is” basis, with no warranties regarding their accuracy and update. Consequently, ALHAMBRA, accepts no liability about the possible damages arising from the use of said information. ALHAMBRA will do its best to avoid the inclusion in its website of unlawful contents and, in the case it is aware of the existence of these contents, to delete them or disable the access to them. Nevertheless, it does not guarantee the lawfulness of the provided contents based on information provided by third suppliers, collaborators or users.

5.1.2 Mistakes: with regard to the preceding paragraph, published documents may contain technical incoherencies or involuntary misprints. ALHAMBRA accepts no responsibility for those mistakes. In any case, the company owning this website apologizes for these mistakes and undertakes to correct said irregularities as soon as possible. Likewise, it thanks for all the comments, corrections and suggestions received from the users through the page “contact us”  

5.2 Concerning website operation:

5.2.1 Privacy: ALHAMBRA does not guarantee absolute privacy in the use of this website since unauthorized third parties may be aware of this use and the circumstances under which it is carried out.

5.2.2 Viruses: ALHAMBRA accepts no responsibility for any damage caused by computer viruses, and cannot guarantee their absence.

5.2.3 Technical malfunctions: ALHAMBRA cannot be held responsible for any malfunction of the website or of its services arising from accidental circumstances, force majeure, and necessary maintenance works or other causes not attributable to ALHAMBRA.


ALHAMBRA reserves the right to temporarily suspend or permanently withdraw, totally or partially, the services or contents at any time without notice to the users.


7.1. These terms and conditions of use are governed by the Spanish law, and in particular, by the Act 15/1999, on Personal Data Protection, and by the Act 34/2002, of 11 July, on Services of the Information Society, by the Act 56/2007, of 28 December, on Impulse Measures for the Information Society, directly applicable to the relations between the users of this website and TORMES DESIGN, S.A.U.

7.2. Conflicts and litigations arising from the access to this website, use of the contents or rights acknowledge to the users and information society service providers, and those related to the protection of personal data, shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Alicante and superior Courts. Users waive hereby any other jurisdiction they may have right to.


In accordance with the provision of the Spanish Act 15/1999, of 13 December, on Personal Data Protection, we will like to inform you that personal data collected on our website is part of TORMES DESIGN, S.A.U. (hereinafter ALHAMBRA) responsibility, and is used for the following purposes:

1.) Contact: to respond to requests for general information.

2.) Job opportunities: to carry out ALHAMBRA selection processes, both current and future.

3.) Blog ALHAMBRA ( when you subscribe, you will receive new published articles in your inbox. You can also participate by leaving your answers in the comments section and following the responses of other users through email notifications. ALHAMBRA manages, monitors and filters all comments, so that it only publishes the name, nick or user id and their comments, provided it is respectful and relevant to the article and it is not advertising, spam or offensive comments.

The registration in any of the forms, submitting information and the use of this website implies the acceptance of this Privacy Policy.

Eventually, this Privacy Policy may be revised in order to update it with the changes in the legislation, update our procedures for collection and use of personal information, the emergence of new services or the exclusion of others. These changes will be effective as of its publication on the web, so it is important that you review this Privacy Policy regularly in order to stay informed about the changes.

ALHAMBRA reserves the right to investigate any content that violates this Privacy Policy as well as misuse, abuse and fraudulent exposed conditions.

ALHAMBRA will only use your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy and, in general, will ask your consent to use your personal information for purposes other than those accepted in the forms.

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You can exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition through the following address: P.I. Las Atalayas C/ Del Marco 61, 03114 Alicante.