Romantic and luxurious composition

The exquisite Rhapsody collection brings together classic designs with current textures and materials to create a timeless and sophisticated composition. It takes inspiration from the music of the Romantic era that wove together disparate themes and instruments to create a beautiful and melodic piece.

The collection features some beautiful romantic designs, including a large floral pattern that will make a statement in any room, impressive damasks and an elegant and soft velvet.
Also noteworthy is a rich embroidery with metal effect threads that will give a touch of luxury to any decor.

The colour palette this year, as every year, has been created with extreme attention to detail. They range from ivory, shades of antique gold and silver and varied off-white tones.

Rhapsody is a unique collection that will bring elegance to homes and other interiors where only the finest quality will suffice. It is ideal for people who want to balance luxury and comfort, sophistication and coziness.