Ever present

Continuing with the spirit and the influence of colour, that characterize Alhambra’s collections, we have created Silken. This collection is a reinterpretation of the fashion trend "colour blocking”, which is gradually gaining strength in the interior design world. Silken offers us a different mixture of vibrant colours to create fun and casual spaces without losing an ounce of glamour.

Silken is characterized by the predominance of colour. It includes a diverse and cheerful range of satin tones such us coral, lime green, purple or turquoise; and proposes to combine them with various abstract motifs, damasks and ornamentals, including floral designs. The overall result is a modern space, full of personality.

For the windows, apart from jacquard fabrics, the collection features a natural sheer in several attractive shades with this which will give prominence to any window.

Silken is complemented with a satin base fabric that combines perfectly with the rest of the collection. To provide style and sophistication to any piece of furniture, it has a contemporary velvet in various colours. Its main attractiveness is its soft and pleasant texture with a high resistance that makes it ideal for upholstery use.

The collection invites us to accentuate the colour at home and is designed for those who want to be fashionable, with a new look to revamp your favourite room with energy, luminosity and sophistication.