Happy and cheerful colour palette

SPICY is a fun and modern collection filled with a hot colour palette. It is the result of Alhambra´s passion to deliver the ultimate combination of colour, material and texture. Colour has been the starting point in the design of this invigorating collection where indigo, ruby red, vibrant green and turquoise colour applied in combination with white and light neutral shades are sure to be a hit.

The Spicy collection contains an array of designs inspired by modern architecture, ranging from geometric patterns with high impact to small-scale patterns. SPICY also features a large all-over digital print as one of the main and most innovative fabrics from the collection. All of them are perfectly coordinated to be mixed and matched, creating a style that reflects coolness and vitality.

Get creative with SPICY and the result will be a fresh, uncomplicated and cheerful ambiance without losing an ounce of comfort. It is a great choice for young people and anyone with an affinity for colour and a strong personality.