Ethnic Spirit

The Baobab collection is inspired by Africa. It takes its name from the wonderful African tree called for many the "Tree of Life". As the branches and roots intertwine in this special tree, the colours and shapes of the fabrics are mixed together in this collection and with this combination we achieve design forms that represent the movements symbolizing life.

The use of matte textures, natural fabrics with tribal touches, earthy colours and ethnic forms, recreate a unique collection capable of transmitting the world's cultural diversity.

In this collection natural jacquards predominate, soft to touch with very attractive designs. We can also find original sheers with geometric designs that give warmth to any atmosphere.

The principal colours are natural tones such as ivory, earth, yellow, ochre and black. It also highlights the trichrome in some references mixing ivory, black and ochre, sometimes with light touches of blue water colour.

The collection is completed with a smooth texture for upholstery use with fancy yarn in four colours that combine perfectly with the rest of the collection. Baobab is a colourful collection ideal to decorate any home with an original contemporary ethnic style.