Haute couture collection for a sophisticated look

This French inspired collection takes its name from the streets of Le Marais, a historic district in Paris that is home to the best fashionable art galleries and museums. A place of great architectural beauty, where the old and the new coexist in harmony. Le Marais is today one of Paris trendiest neighborhoods with its rich, multicultural and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Featuring elegant and glamorous designs, this unique and chic "haute couture collection" from Alhambra has a common denominator, the colour white. This pure colour conveys freshness and light to the whole collection. White is combined with 3 different ranges of colours, from the pure black to the light earth colour and an elegant midnight blue colourway.

The collection highlights the fabric JARDIN DU MARAIS, a digital large flower pattern printed on black, beige and golden backgrounds, which transports us to those beautiful gardens of the district of Le Marais. It also includes a very sophisticated and innovative jacquard stripe with lace application in organza, NICOLE. The art galleries and antiquarian shops that reflect the multicultural and colorful character of Le Marais are reinterpreted in LUCIUS and CARON. Another versatile article from this collection is MARNIE, a cotton allover floral design combining black and white shades. The collection is complemented by various upholstery texture designs such us TRESOR, QUARTIERS and VOSGES, that simulate the labyrinth of cobblestone alleys of this district, and a geometrical sheer in the pure black and white colour, LANDAS, a must have that will brighten any room. Get inspired by Marais and add sophistication, elegance and personality to your home.