Bam Bam: Bimba | Bimbo

A gentle and utterly handcrafted collection

We must not forget the very young, who are also demanding and indispensable customers, because the decoration of their rooms requires a meticulous selection of shades, motifs, textures etc. For this, Bam Bam offers the best of classic childhood images in fabrics including patchworks and embroideries, in traditional colours and appliqued by hand. These works of art ensure that the designer will relish the varieties and finishes which this collection offers, satisfying both design needs and the preferences of all children, from babyhood onwards.

The collection offers motifs such as little houses, boats, stars, Matryoshka dolls, numbers, flowers… without forgetting classic stripes and polka dots in many sizes, combining into similar shades, or breaking away with daring and cheeky colours. Fabrics range from linen to cotton, with or without embroidery - because each child’s world is unique and those worlds need creativity, happiness, motivation, but also serenity, gentleness and relaxation, depending on the age of the child.

The freshness and gentleness invoked by the Bam Bam collection; its colours and prints, together with the quality of its fabrics, have been prioritized by Alhambra in its creation of this collection destined for those we love the most.

Bam Bam is now available in two sample books for a more compact, lightweight format: Bimbo and Bimba.

Designs on the collection